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Airman partners with Champion!

A letter from the Owner of Airman Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Hi, my name is Darrel Dawson, I’m not only the owner but also a Technician & Sales Person for my company.  I have built the company from the ground up.  The company is growing fast due to reliable service & repairs as well as delivering the highest quality installations with very competitive prices.  We handle all facets of your home’s heating & cooling needs.  In fact, we specialize exclusively in residential homes.

All of our time is spent keeping your home comfortable.  In order to do this we needed a durable & reliable manufacturer of air conditioning equipment.  We found this in the J.C.I. Champion Line of cooling products.  Airman & Champion, working together is a home owner’s dream come true.  There is no other partnership around like it.  I am proud to present to you Champion.

They believe in integrity first, customer driven, purpose led future and a one team philosophy.  This is not a private label.  Champion was developed from the ground up by Johnson Controls Inc.  Made in America!  There are 130,000 employees, 2,000 locations and they are number 70 on the Fortune 500 Company’s list.  J.C.I. has invested 100 million dollars in the development of their Champion line.  Champion delivers the highest quality product I have ever put my hands on.  The parts with labor warranty is the best in the business, no other manufacturer comes close.  Let’s face it, replacing your A/C is a large investment.  You owe it to yourself not to settle for second best!

We believe together with an Airman installation & support service there is no other partnership that can even hold a candle to it.  We love what we do and look forward to delivering you the most durable, efficient installation possible.  I stake my name on it.


Your Airman

Darrel Dawson




Listen here – EVERY TIME I call Darrel he is at my house within a half hour. I have owned two homes and he serviced both....   >> More

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