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Cape Coral Fl is owned by Darrell Dawson, who is not only the owner but also a technician and salesperson.

That means you get a “hands on” owner that oversees all his employees, assuring only the highest quality work is being done for his customers.

Airman Air Conditioning Repair

for Cape Coral is where we service, install and repair your air conditioning and heating equipment.

The Airman air conditioning repair and service company continues to grow rapidly, due to reliable service & repairs as well as delivering the highest quality installations with very competitive prices.  They cover every area of your home’s air conditioning and heating needs. In fact, they specialize exclusively in residential homes.

Heating & Cooling, Inc.

truly values your business and believes word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising. That’s why they always treat your property with respect. They pride themselves on being punctual, clean and professional.

How did Airman Air Conditioning Repair get started?

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The story of Airman Heating & Cooling is an American story. Darrel moved from Massachusetts in 1998. At 20 years old he was able to get a job as an Air Conditioner Installation helper. Within a year he was running his own 3 man installation crew, installing up to 2 Air Conditioner systems a day during the boom of building that Florida experienced at that time.

After five years installing, he decided he needed to better himself and started taking technical classes given by the manufacturer’s so he could repair them as well.

By now, he had a family and installations were starting to slow down. His wife Paulette also started learning book keeping. After the bust hit, everyone got laid off. What’s the Airman family to do but start their own business.

Of course the banks weren’t loaning a dime to the average Joe, so 6 credit cards later they had their own company van, bank account, logo, business cards and a website.

Within two years those high interest rate cards were paid off and the company continued to grow and pay bills and payroll and get more vans on the road.

With every service call and installation we’ve tried to treat our clients like we would our own Mother… “do you need this, do you have to have this, can we get you going for awhile until you have the money to change out.” How can we help you?

We pride ourselves on being that local company that cares for your family, friends, neighbors and community.

We specialize in residential home owner’s A/C systems, our area of coverage is Cape Coral so we can get to the call in a timely manner. Company’s that stretch themselves too thin end up losing on the quality side and not keeping their clients for life….That’s our goal, we want you, your children and your grandchildren to call us.
We’re here to stay and hope to be of service to you for many years to come. Thanks for reading our story and getting to know a little more about us, we hope to get to know you too.

Give us a call….239-297-COOL

It’s our hope that our excellent customer service and quality of workmanship will make the decision easy for you to trust us your air conditioning service and repair company for years to come.

We know there are many air conditioning companies in Cape Coral Fl you could call when you have a repair or installation need, but we focus on our local Cape Coral friends, so you know you’ll get the best service and quality work every time.

Darrell says, “We love what we do and look forward to delivering you the most durable, efficient installation possible. I stake my name on it.”

Your Airman
Darrel Dawson – President

Airman Air Conditioning Repair and Service is a family-owned, service-based company specializing in all facets of air conditioning service and installation. Over 20 years experience in Southwest Florida installing and maintaining A/C systems, both new and existing residential. From duct work, troubleshooting to high-end installations, they have the experience and know-how to get the job done right.

They also specialize in indoor air quality. They install ultra-violet lighting, electronic air cleaners and ionic oxidation plasma lights. Properly installed, these products eliminate germs, gases and odors, keeping the indoor environment of your home or business clean and healthy.

Airman air conditioning service Cape Coral Fl is a Florida State Licensed and Insured Contractor. (#CAC1816036) They are authorized to install, maintain, repair, fabricate, alter, design and extend air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. This includes modifying ductwork and all appurtenances, apparatus and equipment used in residential and light commercial systems with up to 25 Tons of cooling and up to 500,000 BTU of heating.


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